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Historic highway

International gateway for the tea trade

The UAE is one of the world’s largest re-exporter of tea with major share in the global market. Since the world’s major tea plantations were established in India and Sri Lanka in the early 1900s, Dubai has been a key international gateway for the trade. Its strategic location midway between the tea producing and consuming countries was a natural advantage. In 2013, the total volume of tea traded through Dubai increased to 129 thousand tonnes (US$ 463 million), representing a jump of 34% on trade in 2012. As a tea trade facilitator, we continue to invest in the innovative infrastructure, business services and expertise to help you capitalise on the flow of tea passing through the region.

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DMCC Tea Centre

A dedicated facility combining warehousing, blending and packaging, our Tea Centre provides comprehensive facilities and convenient solutions for traders who want to maintain a stock for importers in the Middle East and adjacent regions. We process teas from 13 different countries and facilitate the trade of tea to international buyers worldwide.

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Shai Dubai

We welcome you to Shai Dubai. Celebrating one of the world’s most innovative and progressive cities, Shai Dubai is a range of exclusive tea blends newly crafted by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

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Learn how the DMCC Tea Centre is shaping the future of tea

DMCC Tea Centre is featured in the “One Cup, A Thousand Stories” documentary produced by BBC Studios for Migu Video.

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Table 3.1 Import of tea

Volume in metric tons and value in USD (millions)

Year Volume Value
2012 66,888 218
2013 83,127 263
2014 44,367 121
2015 87,393 268
2016 78,130 224
2017 85,275 258
2018 115,279 441
2019 55,584 156

Source: Dubai Customs 
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Table 3.2 Export of tea

Volume in metric tons and value in USD (millions)

Year Volume Value
2012 32,850 128
2013 45,141 200
2014 32,993 120
2015 57,155 220
2016 44,581 169
2017 54,207 187
2018 50,856 203
2019 39,883 162

Source: Dubai Customs 
The data has not been validated