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Coffee goes global

Developing major new supply chains from Dubai

The Middle East’s love of coffee has long been central to its history and culture of warm hospitality. Today, DMCC is driving a major initiative to position Dubai at the heart of the world’s leading coffee supply chains. Building on the region’s historic trade links, we have launched a series of ambitious developments to expand Dubai’s resources, expertise and influence in the world of coffee.

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DMCC Coffee Centre

Our state-of-the-art DMCC Coffee Centre offers world-class infrastructure and services for green bean storage, processing, roasting, packing and delivery of coffee to precise specifications. Bringing a fully dedicated, temperature-controlled coffee storage to the Middle East region for the first time, will benefit a wide range of stakeholders including coffee farmers, exporters, traders, roasters and retailers.

Creating new trade routes

By connecting growers and exporters with global markets, the DMCC Coffee Centre has created new trading opportunities for all stakeholders in the coffee value chain. To date, the Centre has enabled the trade of 100+ coffee varieties from major growing regions such as Central and South America, Africa and Asia. This large global coffee sourcing footprint has made the Centre an attractive hub for businesses.

Become a member

DMCC Coffee Centre members enjoy the following benefits



Located within the Jebel Ali Free Zone and near the Jebel Ali port, you have easy access to purpose-built infrastructure and international coffee producers and buyers in growing consumer markets.


Full control over your business

You will take advantage of 100% business ownership (sole shareholders are permissible), 0% personal income tax, low corporate tax rates, and 100% capital repatriation.


Connect and Grow

DMCC Coffee Centre serves to benefit the entire coffee value chain – connecting farmers to exporters, traders to roasters, and you to global trade opportunities.


Learning Hub

Our Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified Premier Training Campus with a 24-person classroom offers the complete SCA Coffee Skills Program, CQI Q Grader certificate courses and others. All your training needs will be guaranteed with best-in-class equipment and tools.



Access private furnished offices, fully equipped meeting rooms with advanced connectivity and video conference capabilities, as well as a functional demonstration café and brew bar.


Fully equipped

Our state-of-the-art 15,000m² temperature-controlled facility has a coffee quality laboratory, cupping labs, a training campus and range of commercial office spaces. Core services include warehousing, logistics, green coffee cleaning, roasting, packing and distribution, as well as more specialised offerings for re-bagging of green coffee, sample evaluation and training.

Products and services

Discover what DMCC Coffee Centre can offer

Warehousing for green coffee

Our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse will ensure your coffee stays in perfect condition at all times.

Green coffee processing

Our facilities can assist you with green coffee processing equipment for cleaning, de-stoning, blending, and re-bagging of coffee.

Specialty and commercial roasting

Our roasting and packing facility currently houses 2 Brambati production roasters and 2 fully automatic Opem packaging lines to accommodate specialty and commercial coffee roasting for both whole bean and ground coffee.

Sample & small batch roasters

Coffee Members have access to sample and small batch roasters to roast samples and create profiles of coffees in small batches of 50 grams, 100 grams, 1 kilogram and 5 kilograms. Integrated with Cropster software.

Instant coffee repacking

Fully automatic instant coffee re-packing machine with full nitrogen flushing capabilities that can re-pack bulk volumes into retail sized jars ranging from 25g to 500g.

Certified Barista Training

Our Premier Training Campus is Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified and offers professional courses in the following areas:

- Barista Skills

- Brewing

- Green (Q)

- Sensory Skills

- Roasting

Coffee Member commercial office space

Members have access to facilities that include fully equipped meeting rooms with advanced connectivity and video conference capabilities.

Freight forwarding and logistics

We can assist with both inbound and outbound shipping of coffee along with all import and export documentation services to and from United Arab Emirates.

Q Grading cupping facilities

Our facilities include 3 cupping rooms with water filtration system, fully outfitted to Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and Coffee Quality Institute standards for Q Grading.

Training & demo suite

Our facilities include a fully equipped barista and brewing suite for training and demonstration purposes. The suite features 4 La Marzocco, 2 group espresso machines, 2 batch brewers, and all necessary brewing equipment.

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