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Set up a Single Family Office

Easily manage family wealth

Centralise, run and manage a family business and its fortune across generations when you set up a Single Family Office (SFO) with DMCC.

Offering a simple company structure with a specific business licence – SFO will allow you to oversee and handle assets, financial resources, legal and business affairs, as well as provide admin or concierge services under one roof to a single family.

So, set up in DMCC today and join the world’s leading business hub offering innovative infrastructure, world-class services and access to a vibrant community.

Benefits of a Single Family Office


Access all services under one roof with a single point of contact for family matters and wealth


Ensure business continuity and intergenerational wealth transfer through corporate succession planning


Plan and establish a family strategy and governance to strengthen the business


Segregate the management of family wealth from their businesses


Consolidate all financial reporting


Maintain confidentiality through a corporate set up


Enjoy an easy setup process with no Central Bank or SCA approval requirements


Avail residence visa and banking services


Get started with low capital and no minimum workforce requirement

Features of Single Family Office


A standard Free Zone LLC structure with a specific service licence for SFO.


Provide services to a family member, family business, family entity (corporate structure), or family trust or foundation.


100% owned by individual(s) or corporate entity from the same family.


Option to hold shares in family businesses, assets, and investments.


Option to employ family members or external people, as well as appoint non-family directors.


0% personal income tax and low corporate tax rates, and no restrictions on profit or capital repatriation.

Set up a Single Family Office

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